Thursday Night Football: Watch Out for the Dolphins Versus the Bengals

Thursday night football with the NFL is very exciting, not just for Bengals and Dolphins fans, bit those who are into football betting as well. This is one of the most awaited games this week in the league, as AFC teams Miami Dolphins visit the Cincinnati Bengals....

How to Monitor Bets in Your Sportsbook

Managing your sportsbook can be a bit challenging, if you are unaware of tools and software that will simplify the whole process. As a bookie, you will be looking at the activity in your sportsbook often enough that it will be part of your daily routine. So today, in...

When Can People Bet on Sports in Texas?

This is the question we get a lot from our readers: When can we bet on sports in Texas? Legalizing sports betting is quite a long road that each state has to walk through, but in Texas, the road is going to be quite long, and uphill too. The irony is not quite lost on...

Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head for Football Betting

The football season will be starting soon, with college football’s first games on September 2, and the NFL on September 8. And since football is one of the most popular sports in sports betting, you will more likely be taking in more wagers from this sport compared to...

Colorado Bookie Revenue Drops in June

The Colorado bookie revenue is down for the month of June, despite a very successful Stanley Cup campaign. Many in the online gambling business are already familiar with the various trends each month. While June is usually an off-peak season in terms of sports...

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