What is Baseball Betting

Unlike basketball and football, where most wagers are based on the point spread, baseball betting is mostly based on the moneyline. A run line or prop bet is available, but they are not as popular. Thus, players only need to pick who wins the game, and not who covers them.

Players who enjoying choosing the winning team can read baseball news and MLB picks throughout the year to make smart wagering decisions. When betting the baseball moneyline, you can either bet on the favorite or the underdog. However, betting on the favorite, or the side that’s expected to win, will pay out less money. On the other hand, betting on the underdog will provide more money than the wager.

Although it is uncommon, baseball sportsbooks also offers betting on the spread. However, the option is known as run line in baseball betting. Often, the run line is -1.5 runs for the favorite with different odds.

Best Places to Bet on Baseball

Here is our list of the dependable baseball betting websites across the globe based on our expert bettors and visitors.  In addition, we picked the sports betting platforms based on various factors including bookie software, customer service, and more.

Wager6.ag Sportsbook

Other Baseball Betting Sites Worth Checking

VOBET Sportsbook

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