Month: July 2020

Will the Deficit Allow Mobile Sports Betting to Become Legal in NY?

By now, everyone in the sports betting industry is aware of the struggles of legislators to legalize mobile sports betting in New York. The debate of whether the state needs to amend its constitution is still ongoing. Plus, the issue of the availability of sports betting facilities is still a problem, it seems that it will take a while before New York can take in sports wagers. But now, states are struggling to find sources of revenue to help address their financial problems. And given that sports betting is a good source of revenue, will the deficit allow mobile sports betting to finally become legal in NY?

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Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Drops in June

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive shift from retail to online methods of conducting business. From grocery shopping to paying bills, everyone is adjusting to doing everything remotely from home. And sports betting is not exempted from this. It has, in fact, allowed for software sportsbook companies to gain more players signing up online. But surprisingly, Indiana sports betting revenue drops this June, despite the reopening of casinos and sports events resuming.

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