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Bookie Pay Per Head TutorialsOur Bookie Pay Per Head Tutorials were created to guide would-be bookies who always ask us how to be a bookie. While learning how to run your own sportsbook seems intimidating, its actually pretty easy to follow. There are a few basics you can start on, and as you go on, you will learn the nuances of running a book and managing lines and players.

Of course, our tutorials will cover everything, from understanding the basic concepts of sports betting, to the how-to’s of choosing and starting your own sportsbook operation. We’ll also give advice from veteran bookies on strategies they have been using for player and line management.


Latest Bookie Tutorial

How to Monitor Bets in Your Sportsbook

Managing your sportsbook can be a bit challenging, if you are unaware of tools and software that will simplify the whole process. As a bookie, you will be looking at the activity in your sportsbook often enough that it will be part of your daily routine. So today, in...

Finding the Best Bookie Sportsbook Service

Your first step when you venture into the world of sports betting as a business owner will be to learn how to be a bookie. Under this, you will learn all about the various sports betting products that you can use. You will learn about the skills needed in sports...

Level Up Your Online Sportsbook

The sports betting industry can get very competitive. As a bookie, you always have to stay on top of the latest in the industry. You need to be on the lookout for the latest innovations in sports betting and online gambling in general. You also need to make sure that...

Adding Bitcoin to Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

More than half of the most popular online sportsbooks are already accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The demand for the use of such currencies are proving to be profitable for sportsbooks, as bettors prefer the more secure and anonymous payment option. Are...

How to Save Money on Your Bookie Operation

Setting up your very own bookie operation entails the same amount of goals that aim for the same goal as any business does: to maximize profit. So, today, we'll explore other ways on how you can save money on your bookie operation. When you become a bookie, you have a...

Expert Advice from the Industry’s Best

Getting into sports betting and maximizing profit is made easy by using a bookie pay per head service. Scroll down our page and see our tutorials on how to be a bookie, and how a pay per head service can make everything easier for you.


Learn How to Be a Good Bookie

Managing a sportsbook can be challenging and time consuming. But with the right software, you can now offer your players a great sports betting experience through a wide array of wagering options from around the world. As a bookie, we’ll walk you through the process of building your book, setting your lines, and managing your players. We’ll also be keeping you posted with unique and special betting events, along with advice on how to best profit from them.

At the same time, we’ll show you some ways to expand your sportsbook operation, should you be ready to widen your operation and take in more players. We’ll also be giving you tips on keeping your players happy and betting in your sportsbook.

More Bookie Tutorials

9DollarPerHead - Bookie Pay Per Head Provider

Be a Better Bookie

Be a Better Bookie

When you learn how to be a bookie, you do not stop trying to know more about the industry. While you will be able to understand the basics of how sportsbook management is, you will need more than that to survive in the long term. Know how to be a better bookie, and...

Your Bookie Software: Reports

Your Bookie Software: Reports

When becoming a bookie, your focus is getting started and setting up your sportsbook. Of course, finding a good pay per head bookie software is the very first step in making sure that you are in the right track. Once you are using one, you simply create profiles for...