Pay Per Head Bookie Predictions for the NBA

The best pay per head sportsbook has the whole NBA schedules plotted out, especially the playoffs. And as the postseason progresses, pph sportsbooks will only get busier. There are a lot of gambling reviews you can read to find the best pay per head service. And for...

March Madness Sweet 16 Best Bets

When you look at the March Madness Sweet 16 teams, you will find no surprises except for on Cinderella story. Oregon amazed everyone by beating No.5 seed Wisconsin in the first round. Then, Oregon won the battle of the underdogs with its win over UC Irvine. Oregon is...

Get Ready for Baseball Season

The latest gambling news during March mostly focuses on basketball. March Madness, specifically. You also have the NBA rounding up the last few games before the playoffs. Your pay per head service will most likely focus on these games. But since baseball season will...

Aceperhead Pay Per Head Review

Ace Per Head Pay Per Head Service In the hunt for the best pay per head bookie provider, we come across a lot of pay per head providers, and it becomes easy to see who does well, and who you should avoid. It does take a bit of experience, but it is what helps us guide...

OddsShark Banned by New Jersey for Illegal Sportsbook

OddsShark banned by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. As a result, the company can’t work with any licensed online bookie in the state. The state’s Attorney General sent a public notice explaining the reason for the ban. The DGE reviewed OddsShark and...

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