What to Know About the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

The Olympics are upon us this year, and we will be seeing the world’s top athletes compete across 30+ sports. The upcoming Olympics will definitely keep sports bettors busy with hundreds of events to bet on. If you want to know more about betting on sports you will...

What are the Ongoing Efforts to Legalize iGaming in New York?

Much of what we read in the latest gambling industry news talks about the various gambling industries- both retail and online, and how they are doing each month, quarter, or year. These gambling reports detail the steady growth of the gambling industry- particularly...

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Over the centuries (yes, you read that right), horse racing has become increasingly popular. What started as local races where residents bet on has now become internationally popular, with tournaments being connected, such as the Triple Crown. One of the biggest...

What to Expect in the Last Week of the NHL Regular Season

The Last Week of the NHL Regular Season will come upon us soon, with it ending on April 18. And making it very exciting for those who bet on hockey, there are still a lot of undecided results- and it looks like we won’t know the outcomes of most of them until the very...

What is Happening with Sports Betting in Georgia?

State legislators have been working on legalizing sports betting across the country since the PASPA repeal back in 2018. Each state has a different process, and they move at different paces. There are still a lot of states that do not offer sports betting. Georgia is...

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Megapari Casino Review

Megapari Casino We welcome the new year with another entry in our Gambling Reviews section, where people can find the best recommendations for gambling sites like online casinos, sportsbooks and more. Today, we bring to your attention our Megapari Casino Review. This...

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