Much of what we read in the latest gambling industry news talks about the various gambling industries- both retail and online, and how they are doing each month, quarter, or year. These gambling reports detail the steady growth of the gambling industry- particularly that of online sports betting and iGaming. In the US, states are already enjoying a steady stream of revenue from this. New York, for instance, climbed to the top list of states in terms of sports betting activity since online sports betting was made legal last year. However, casino gaming in the state is only available in brick-and-mortar casinos. Will we see iGaming go live in the state? Let us find out the latest efforts of the state’s legislature to legalize iGaming in New York.

New York’s iGaming Dream

What are the Ongoing Efforts to Legalize iGaming in New York?Howard Glaser, head of government affairs and legislative counsel at Light & Wonder, a popular gambling product and service company, has previously states that New York has the potential to be one of the biggest gambling markets in the world if they would adapt iGaming. Neighboring states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania both earn over $1.5 billion in iGaming each year, revenue that New York can easily earn with a population of $20 million- with $14 million of them adults.

Sports betting alone in the state generated an annual handle of $19.64 billion, with $1.76 billion in revenue. New York’s robust betting market has even inspired a lot of business-minded individuals to start a sportsbook. iGaming could generate similar numbers for the state.

State Senator Joseph Addabbo is one of the biggest proponents to introduce iGaming in the state. In 2023, he submitted S4856, which died out. Earlier this year, he introduced Senate Bill S8185 to legalize iGaming and add iLottery as well. However, NY Governor Kathy Hochul did not include iGaming in the state’s 2025 budget, practically killing Addabbo’s efforts in the Senate.

The Solution to Legalize iGaming in New York

But Addabbo is not ready to give up just yet. He filed SB9226, which now aims to legalize just online poker. The bill does not mention other iGaming products, or even iLottery. Instead, the bill is looking at the New York Gaming Commission to add regulations regarding online poker. The bill will allow for 10 operator licenses, and will have a 15% tax rate.

Addabbo sees online sports betting as one of the biggest products in the country, and that we should “build upon that”. He believes it is a good time to introduce forms of iGaming to the state since its already proven that New Yorkers are capable- and willing to spend to play and bet on a mobile device. Given how popular poker is, it’s a good segment to introduce to the state.

What are the Chances of the Bill Passing into Law?

What are the Ongoing Efforts to Legalize iGaming in New York?SB9226 is not the only piece of legislation on iGaming in the legislature. Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow has AB1380, which was filed back in January. This bill also calls for the legalization of online poker. Both bills would need to advance in both chambers of the Assembly and the Senate. And if they are fortunate enough to do so, it will still need the approval of Governor Hochul. And Hochul has not shown interest in iGaming.

The hope is that with just online poker on the table, which is a game of skill, rather than chance, it might have an easier path gaining approval from the state.

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