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Will the Deficit Allow Mobile Sports Betting to Become Legal in NY?

By now, everyone in the sports betting industry is aware of the struggles of legislators to legalize mobile sports betting in New York. The debate of whether the state needs to amend its constitution is still ongoing. Plus, the issue of the availability of sports betting facilities is still a problem, it seems that it will take a while before New York can take in sports wagers. But now, states are struggling to find sources of revenue to help address their financial problems. And given that sports betting is a good source of revenue, will the deficit allow mobile sports betting to finally become legal in NY?

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Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Drops in June

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive shift from retail to online methods of conducting business. From grocery shopping to paying bills, everyone is adjusting to doing everything remotely from home. And sports betting is not exempted from this. It has, in fact, allowed for software sportsbook companies to gain more players signing up online. But surprisingly, Indiana sports betting revenue drops this June, despite the reopening of casinos and sports events resuming.

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How to Play Poker- Types of Poker

Our first tutorial on poker talks about the different hands you can make in poker. Our next one will talk about the types of poker games that you will find in most online casinos from the best bookie pay per head providers. While knowing the hands and bluffing is crucial to winning at poker, your strategy will change a bit, depending on the type of poker you will play. The most popular poker game type is the Texas Hold ‘Em, where a lot of bookie pay per head reviews say is in high demand. Here, players get 2 pocket...

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How to Earn More in Your Sportsbook

Once you have learned how to start a sportsbook, your next goal is to ensure that your sportsbook runs smoothly and turns a good profit. Making sure that your players are happy with your sports betting services is top priority. Not only will it lead to having a regular clientele, but it can also affect their betting activity. They can eventually bet higher or place more bets, or they can help you increase your customer base. Let’s take a look at the different ways on how to earn more in your sportsbook. How to Earn More in Your Sportsbook Maximize...

Read More Sportsbook Review Sportsbook Our Sportsbook review will take a look at a long-established site that somehow lost a bit of its way a while back. BetPhoenix started back in 2006, and was one of the more successful sportsbooks in its time. But the sportsbook pay per head industry is not perfect – some sites will encounter problems. Unfortunately, BetPhoenix had issues with slow payments to players. And in the sports betting industry, this is one of the fastest ways to lose players. Just like any online sportsbook, BetPhoenix worked hard to recover their reputation and start over to be...

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NFL Betting Tutorial

With football being one of the most popular sports people bet on, the NFL gets a lot of attention not just from bettors, but by those who are interested in becoming a bookie. The NFL season provides people with a lot of opportunity to earn money through NFL betting. With around 17 weeks of playing, you will hit the playoffs.  Next up will be the most popular game of the year, the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl alone can keep a bookie business running even months before the game. With the different wagers one can place, learning how to...

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Easy Pay Per Head Review

Easy Pay Per Head Bookie PPH Service Easy Pay Per Head is one of the newest pay per head service providers in the market. Their product, they say, is the culmination of 40 years of combined experience of gambling and tech experts. They aim to provide affordable pay per head bookie services that can rival the best ones in the market. For our Easy Pay Per Head review, we’ll take a look at this pph provider, from registration all the way to using the software both as a bookie and a player. They started the idea of creating their own...

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How to Bet on Basketball

A lot of price per head sportsbook companies offer basketball as one of the top international betting markets. After all, basketball is a game that is popular worldwide. While regional leagues and international competitions are profitable, none are as popular as the NBA. You can check some bookie pay per head reviews to see how you can use them to win money on basketball. But the basics on how to bet on basketball should be something you read first. To learn about sports betting, there are countless entries in a betting directory to help you. But for betting on...

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New Jersey Handle Tops Nevada Handle Again

Sports betting in the US is blowing up- in a good way. With emerging and growing betting markets, states are starting to see the benefits of having sound sports betting policy. Like New Jersey. With the large market, a lot of per head sportsbook solution providers are available. There is a handy bookie pay per head comparison to help bookies find the best services available. Bookie pay per head reviews are also a great way to find the best sportsbook software to launch your own business and enjoy a growing international market of bettors. In the US alone, states...

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Bookie Pay Per Head Basics: How to Start Your Sportsbook

When becoming a bookie online, you are opening yourself up to a larger betting market. You are also giving yourself the opportunity to make use of the latest bookie pay per head software to maximize your profit. Let’s talk about using a bookie pay per head service. The simplest explanation, is that you are outsourcing and automating your sportsbook business. Instead of manually encoding wagers and balancing your book in excel or even manually in a notebook, you will have a dedicated software that is specifically made for you to use. How to Start Your Sportsbook Using a pay...

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