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Casino Data Exposed in Casino Server Problem

When looking for places to gamble online, one of the primary concerns of operators is ensuring the security and privacy of their players and casino data. In fact, companies like 9dollarperhead bookie pay per head providers has invested a lot providing top-notch security measures that protects their players identities, financial information, and even their wagers. So when servers, or the programming in any of the sites are at risk, then the data could also be data leaks. This is exactly what happened to an online casino group that operates in Cyprus and Curaçao. A server they use was open...

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PricePerPlayer Bookie PPH is one of the most established and trusted Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers since around 2013. They are composed of gambling and technology experts with a combined 75 years of experience that provides the best sportsbook development services.’s offices are located in Central America, and their customer base is worldwide, with notable people in the online gaming industry using their services. In addition, they are known to provide for flexible sportsbook software packages that fit the different needs of each customer. PricePerPlayer General Information Inception: 2013 Software: DGS Email: Telephone: 1-866-500-4934 Website: Price Per...

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NFL Betting Guide: Week 1

The 2018 NFL Season is underway. Everyone who has a great sportsbook pay per head at the ready are now getting a lot of wagers on one of the most popular sports leagues in the US. The key to earning money from betting on sports is really about making smart and informed picks. You should not always go with what’s popular, or who is always winning. There are a lot of factors that will guide you to making the best bets you can. As for the NFL, the first week of the season is starting at a great and...

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MLB Betting Update: Atlanta Braves Against the Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays have enjoyed a sweep of the Nationals the past weekend and will be going against the Atlanta Braves Tuesday night. The Blue Jays will be hosting the Braves, another National League East team on June 19, at 7:07 p.m. ET, at the Rogers Centre. The Blue Jays have won seven out of the last ten games, and in their last seven home games, have a 7-0 streak. One concern for the Blue Jays is if Jaime Garcia can pull himself together and prevent a repeat of his performance in their loss to the Rays last...

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