Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Drops in June

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive shift from retail to online methods of conducting business. From grocery shopping to paying bills, everyone is adjusting to doing everything remotely from home. And sports betting is not exempted from this. It has, in fact, allowed for software sportsbook companies to gain more players signing up online. But surprisingly, Indiana sports betting revenue drops this June, despite the reopening of casinos and sports events resuming.

Problem Gamblers Went Online during Lockdown in Australia

Most gambling venues in Australia were closed to avoid spreading the coronavirus. Thus, problem gamblers went online during the lockdown. According to a study of Australian banking transaction data, there was a 114 percent increase in online gambling spending in May....

Parliament to Fast Track Ukraine Gambling Law

The Committee of the Rada or the Parliament will fast track Ukraine gambling law. They started the final reading on May 18. MPs will have the opportunity to tackle changes to the bill made by the ruling SoP Party. The ruling party wants to restore the federal gaming...

How to Play Poker- Types of Poker

Our first tutorial on poker talks about the different hands you can make in poker. Our next one will talk about the types of poker games that you will find in most online casinos from the best bookie pay per head providers. While knowing the hands and bluffing is...

Virtual Reality is the Future of Sports Betting

Sports betting is a fast-growing industry that brings millions of revenues annually. Sports wagers have a rich history, and it looks like its future is secure with virtual reality. At present, you can wager on almost any sport and event without leaving your home....

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Easy Pay Per Head Review

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