Mississippi Sports Betting Ends Dismal Year on a Good Note

Not all states are enjoying growth in sports betting handle and revenue. Some blame the pandemic, while some blame policy. After all, not all states allow sports betting- online sports betting specifically. And without access to sports betting software, many states...

New Legislation for Sports Betting in Oregon is a Game-Changer

The new legislation for sports betting in Oregon, if it passes, can completely overhaul the betting market in the state. In our latest sportsbook pay per head news, we’ll take a look at Oregon and its sports betting industry. This week, House Bill 2127 was filed....

How Do You Earn Money from Sports Betting?

One of the biggest questions we get from those who want to learn how to be a bookie, is how they earn money from sports betting. With sports betting itself, its easily understandable- you win the bet, you collect the money. But when you are the bookie, earning money...

DiscountPayPerHead.com Review

Discount Pay Per Head Service Today we will be bringing you our DiscountPayPerHead.com review, as reviewed by our in-house pay per head experts. As we look through different bookie pay per head providers, we are able to see which ones have good quality and highly...

New Hampshire Sports Betting Handle for October Does Well

One of the best ways to become a successful bookie is to be able to have a captive customer base that can easily use your product. In terms of sports betting, this translates to having an online sportsbook that offers a lot of betting options from multiple sports...

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