The Committee of the Rada or the Parliament will fast track Ukraine gambling law. They started the final reading on May 18. MPs will have the opportunity to tackle changes to the bill made by the ruling SoP Party.

The ruling party wants to restore the federal gaming system in Ukraine. Despite the fast pace, critics are complaining about the various aspects of the bills. The Gambling Act went through several amendments since its first publication in January. However, the government can’t clarify the conditions of the licensing contracts, tax policies, industry standards, and lottery monopolies.

President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the majority party can pass the Ukraine gambling bill by the end of the year. However, it could result in a flawed gambling system because the Rada settled for half-baked steps.

Fast Track Ukraine Gambling Law

Parliament to Fast Track Ukraine Gambling LawBased on the best pay per head bookie reports, lawmakers need to satisfy the demands of the powerful lottery monopolies in Ukraine. The lottery firms suffered from accusations of cronyism and corruption throughout the years. At present, they asked the SoP to add several rights to the gambling law to benefit their portfolios.

The SoP supported corporate openness, according to per head sportsbook sources. Also, they want to end the government’s favoritism in favor of state-owned companies. Aside from lottery monopolies, the SoP needs to face the consequences of failing to research the intricacies and processes involving a regulated gambling market in Ukraine.

Experts from bookie pay per head reviews sites found out that the proposed gambling bill doesn’t follow the trends of existing European markets, such as France, Sweden, and the UK. As a result, the SoP came up with a licensing plan that will work alongside the existing GRR taxation policy.

Critics are asking Rada leaders to prioritize tax reforms and licensing during the final amendments of the bill. That way, the final form of the Gambling Act will be beneficial for all stakeholders.