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When it comes to sports betting, Prop betting, or proposition betting, is a niche that is very profitable for both bettors and bookies. Instead of just placing wagers on the spread or totals, people can get more excitement, and a bigger payout, by adding some prop bets in the mix. Here are 5 tips on Prop Betting to help you place well-informed, and hopefully, winning prop bets.

3 Tips on Prop Betting

  1. Top 3 Tips to Prop BettingGet a Good Sportsbook. The first and most important tip is to find a safe and reliable sportsbook that gives you the best sports betting odds. Winning a wager is useless if you cannot cash out your winnings, right? Thus, finding a good sportsbook is the first thing you need to do. Aside from reliability, you can also look at the bonuses they offer, as well as other promotions to make it worth your time to stay with them. These sportsbook reviews can help you in this aspect.
  2. Look at the Matchups. When it comes to prop bets, you are looking at more specific data when betting. It becomes very important to see how the opponents stack up against each other in the game. For example, if you have a team with a high scorer playing against a team that tends to not do well defensively, then prop bets on the high scorer may be a good choice.
  3. Look at the Roster. Of course, the roster is very important when it comes to prop bets. Sometime, a player who plays less time in the court or the field can yield better or more flexible betting odds you can win on. So look at the roster for the game, as well as the injury list to see if your player will be getting more time on the field, or something similar.


Other Expert Advice to Know

Remember that prop betting can be very profitable for you, but you can up the ante by converting your prop bets to a parlay. You can add multiple prop bets for a game into a parlay to boost that payout. And if you are feeling extra lucky, you can add up to your bet by adding lucky prop bets like steals or blocks that a player can make in a game. It is more random, but the payouts are quite good actually. If your bookie uses a sportsbook PPH service, then you are likely to get a lot of options when it comes to prop bets.

Lastly, the option to earn even more from prop bets and parlays, is to be the bookie that people bet on. With the help of a Pay Per Head Bookie software, you can easily start an online sportsbook. It already includes sports betting odds from their expert oddsmakers so you do not need to worry about making prop bets.


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