Month: May 2020

Problem Gamblers Went Online during Lockdown in Australia

Most gambling venues in Australia were closed to avoid spreading the coronavirus. Thus, problem gamblers went online during the lockdown. According to a study of Australian banking transaction data, there was a 114 percent increase in online gambling spending in May. They compared the spending to the usual weeks before the lockdown. Also, the Australian Institute of Criminology surveyed 1,000 people. Forty-five percent of the respondents said they spent more on online gambling in March than in the first two months of the year. Online casinos and card betting are among the trending activities during the pandemic. The study...

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Parliament to Fast Track Ukraine Gambling Law

The Committee of the Rada or the Parliament will fast track Ukraine gambling law. They started the final reading on May 18. MPs will have the opportunity to tackle changes to the bill made by the ruling SoP Party. The ruling party wants to restore the federal gaming system in Ukraine. Despite the fast pace, critics are complaining about the various aspects of the bills. The Gambling Act went through several amendments since its first publication in January. However, the government can’t clarify the conditions of the licensing contracts, tax policies, industry standards, and lottery monopolies. President Volodymyr Zelensky...

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