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Problem Gamblers Went Online during Lockdown in Australia

Most gambling venues in Australia were closed to avoid spreading the coronavirus. Thus, problem gamblers went online during the lockdown. According to a study of Australian banking transaction data, there was a 114 percent increase in online gambling spending in May. They compared the spending to the usual weeks before the lockdown. Also, the Australian Institute of Criminology surveyed 1,000 people. Forty-five percent of the respondents said they spent more on online gambling in March than in the first two months of the year. Online casinos and card betting are among the trending activities during the pandemic. The study...

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Parliament to Fast Track Ukraine Gambling Law

The Committee of the Rada or the Parliament will fast track Ukraine gambling law. They started the final reading on May 18. MPs will have the opportunity to tackle changes to the bill made by the ruling SoP Party. The ruling party wants to restore the federal gaming system in Ukraine. Despite the fast pace, critics are complaining about the various aspects of the bills. The Gambling Act went through several amendments since its first publication in January. However, the government can’t clarify the conditions of the licensing contracts, tax policies, industry standards, and lottery monopolies. President Volodymyr Zelensky...

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Virtual Reality is the Future of Sports Betting

Sports betting is a fast-growing industry that brings millions of revenues annually. Sports wagers have a rich history, and it looks like its future is secure with virtual reality. At present, you can wager on almost any sport and event without leaving your home. Also, you can use cryptocurrency to bet on some sites. The next step in sports betting might be the introduction of virtual reality sports wagering. VR sports betting sounds promising. However, what is it? Some betting directory experts say it will take sports wagering to the next level. At present, players can bet on fantasy...

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Online Sportsbook SEO – Its Importance to Your Bookie Business

If you are searching for ways to promote your bookie business, you’ve probably stumble upon search engine optimization more than once. Online sportsbook SEO can improve the website’s visibility and searchability. Organic search is the best source of traffic online. Attracting people through it is a vital component of the player funnel. Also, it often leads to engagement or conversion. When trying to attract more players to your sportsbook, you should treat Google as your best friend because it owns most of the search market. Google is the most visited site on the planet. That’s why you should consider...

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Alabama Gets Majority of Betting Handle in Iron Bowl

Alabama is a 3.5-point favorite against Auburn in the Iron Bowl this Saturday. The Crimson Tide is trying to keep their playoff hopes alive, as Auburn tries to become the spoiler. However, it looks like gamblers are on the side of the Crimson Tide as they get 92 percent of the betting handle. Players are confident that Alabama can cover the spread because of their great offense. Also, they showed they got heart when they came back against LSU in Week 11. Despite losing the game, they managed to keep the score respectful after trailing 13-33 at the half....

Read More Pay Per Head Review Bookie PPH Service As the search for the best bookie pay per head provider continues, we came across Based in Costa Rica, it has been in the business since 2009. Our pay per head review will look at their sports betting platform, its features, and cost. provides a secure bookie platform, whether the operation is big or small. It supports different languages, including Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. In addition, they offer their services at low costs. We want to know what is the catch? General Information Inception: 2009 Software: DGS Email: Telephone: 1-877-819-4141 Website:

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How to Play Poker – Hand Rankings

Poker is one of the most popular game in a casino. It is a competitive card game played by different players. When you play poker, the dealer doesn’t go against any of the players. Instead, his responsibility is to just give out the hands and make sure the winner gets the pot. Retail and online casinos offer different types of poker. Some versions have the player play against the dealer, who represents the pay per head casino. No matter what the version might be, the concept remains the same. In fact, you need to beat the other hands to...

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DC Sports Betting Contract Questioned by Committee

Many people are questioning how Intralot got the DC sports betting contract. In fact, this is the topic during the DC Council Committee of the Whole Wednesday. They want to find out how a Greece-based operator earned the right to the $215 million deal. The contract gives the struggling operator the right to sports betting and lottery sales for the next five years. Previously, members of the council approved the framework pushed by Councilmember Jack Evans. However, accusations of impropriety and political favoritism were made against Evans and other city officials. As a result, the council needs to decide...

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Bovada Sportsbook Review

Bovada Sportsbook   Sports bettors don’t need to worry about placing their wagers with Bovada. It maintained a good reputation in the sportsbook industry for almost two decades. With the backing of an experienced management team, it is no surprise that a Bovada sportsbook review is almost always good. Whether you want to bet on the MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL, you can find it on Bovada Sportsbook. In addition, it has a good customer service team that will try to resolve any problem at the shortest time possible. Bovada offers wagering options from all major sporting events across...

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