Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 06:16 pm

When becoming a bookie online, you are opening yourself up to a larger betting market. You are also giving yourself the opportunity to make use of the latest bookie pay per head software to maximize your profit.

Let’s talk about using a bookie pay per head service. The simplest explanation, is that you are outsourcing and automating your sportsbook business. Instead of manually encoding wagers and balancing your book in excel or even manually in a notebook, you will have a dedicated software that is specifically made for you to use.

How to Start Your Sportsbook

how to start your sportsbookUsing a pay per head software, it becomes very easy to start your sportsbook. The first step is, of course, signing up. Create your account, remember your login details, and you are good to go. Once you are in, you can configure your sportsbook to any format you prefer.

The next step, is to create your own players’ profiles. This means assigning a name and password that your players can secure and change (password security, of course). Once you have the profiles created, you can now assign limits. If you do not want to be surprised at the numbers being wagered, then set your betting limits. Ensure a profit by allowing minimum bets, and protect your books by setting a maximum amount.

Credit limits are also something you should consider. Generally, you don’t want to be giving too much credit, especially for untested players. So make sure they have limits and won’t keep using credit but won’t pay up when needed.

Lastly, check your lines. This will be a continuous process, since you want to make sure that both sides are getting bets, and try to get them to be as equal as possible. Also make sure that you are offering wagering options on games and sports that your players prefer. If you have an NFL group, then its best to start and focus only on football for the time being. Since you have thousands of options on any given day, you are free to customize all of this for your players.