Sports Betting is coming to Ohio according to Governor-elect

According to gambling industry news websites, at least a dozen states will legalize sports betting next year. Furthermore, another 5 states where sport betting is currently legal will also have function sportsbooks by then. In addition, according to Ohio... Bookie PPH Review

PricePerPlayer Bookie PPH is one of the most established and trusted Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers since around 2013. They are composed of gambling and technology experts with a combined 75 years of experience that provides the best sportsbook...

NFL Betting Guide: Week 1

The 2018 NFL Season is underway. Everyone who has a great sportsbook pay per head at the ready are now getting a lot of wagers on one of the most popular sports leagues in the US. The key to earning money from betting on sports is really about making smart and... Sportsbook Review Sportsbook is one of the most popular sportsbook on the internet that caters mainly to a North American market. In addition, they have a long history of being one of the top sportsbook in the industry. Our Sportsbook Review will...

Worst Pay Per Head Websites

In our latest Pay Per Head Review article, we wrote about the Best Pay Per Head Websites.  This time around, we are talking about the Worst Pay Per Head Websites of 2018.  This is because after several months of research, we felt that bookie should be aware of which...

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