A Sportsbook Pay Per Head service allows you to start your own gambling operation in just a few seconds. When you use SBSA’s Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution, your players get access to a fully functional gambling website. This is because your customers will be able to bet on sports, play casino games in either our digital or our live casino. In addition, they will be able to bet on all major horse racing venues in the world.

Furthermore SportsBettingSolutionAsia.com gives sportsbook operators more products and services for their money.  This is because they also get sportsbook features not available with any other PayPerHead competitors. The best part is that we only charge $5 per player with no hidden fees or additional cost.  You get everything at a flat rate!

The advantage of using the Sportsbook Pay Per Head option for your gambling website is that you only pay for the customers that are actively using our gambling services.  Instead of paying for expensive gambling software and a website, you only pay a small weekly fee per active player. This means that if one of your customer is not gambling, then you do not pay for his service!