gets a Live Betting Platform UpgradeSan Jose, Costa Rica – announced an upgrade in their live betting platform.  The Live Betting Platform Upgrade will modernize its current system and add more live In-Play Betting Options.

In addition, the Live Betting platform upgrade will give their clients 50% more betting option then the previous version.  Furthermore, Core Data Service is the new provider for the real-time sports odds for the live betting platform.

Live In-Play Betting is a betting option that is only offered at top sportsbooks. Their Live betting offers bettors a number of different and exciting ways to get action from sides to totals to props.

Live Betting began in Asia a decade ago and accounted for only 20% of the total wagers on sports. According to gambling experts, Live Betting makes up about 80% of all money wagered on sports.

However, not every sportsbook is capable of handling the constant updating of data required for In-Play Betting. This is in part due to its requirement for modern technology to keep up with the different sporting events covered.

A Leader in the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Technology

This is the second time that announced an upgrade to their Bookie Pay Per Head service this year.  Last April, the company also added 111 casino games to their Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services.

“This is part of establishing our long-term commitment to our Clients,” said Josh Ingram, director of marketing for

“We are building for the future, building for the level of growth we expect to have and making sure that our clients have the best and most modern gambling platform.”

For more information about the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services, visit their website at

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