State legislators have been working on legalizing sports betting across the country since the PASPA repeal back in 2018. Each state has a different process, and they move at different paces. There are still a lot of states that do not offer sports betting. Georgia is a state that still does not offer sports betting, but its not because of any lack of effort. Legislators have been trying to pass a sports betting bill, but they cannot agree on the terms enough to pass a bill into law.  And this year, efforts to legalize sports betting in Georgia are unsuccessful, yet again.

Efforts to legalize both retail and online sports betting will have to wait another session, and might take years before we see a sportsbook in the state. The easiest way to open a sportsbook can be done online with a pay per head software. But regulating the market takes a few more steps to do so, so there will be more roadblocks to be expected.

Sports Betting in Georgia: What Will Happen?

What is Happening with Sports Betting in Georgia?As much as we would want to see sports betting, and even online gambling in the Peach State, we will have to wait until the next legislative session in 2025. And that is not even guaranteed, since they will need to pass a bill. And if that bill requires a referendum, then the process will be even longer, as residents will need to vote on it on 2026.

Legislative Issues

This year’s efforts to legalize sports betting failed in discussions on where the proceeds of sports betting tax revenue will go to. Usually, the funds go to gambling problem programs, education programs, and other socio-economic programs. Instead, they now have zero proceeds, which, in today’s landscape, is quite regrettable.

Sports Betting Demand in Georgia

Other states are earning millions in tax revenue from sports betting on a monthly basis. Georgia could be earning a lot too, based on the demand from sports betting in the state. Geo Comply has data that gives around 258,000 geolocation checks in Georgia from over 32,000 accounts trying to access sportsbooks based in other states.

In addition, pay per head providers like report increasing activity in sports betting across their bookie agents’ sportsbooks with the very busy basketball season and the beginning of the baseball season as well. The state is missing out on a lot of potential revenue, while other states are likely to benefit from this as Georgia residents will cross borders to bet on sports.


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