In our latest soccer betting news, we’ll talk about the latest results of the matches for the remaining Group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Since the first day of the tournament, we have all been seeing a lot of unexpected results. While disappointing to fans of some of the most popular teams, its been good for sports bettors and sportsbooks. Let’s look at the latest World Cup Surprises as we move towards the end of the World stage of the biggest tournament of the year.

If you look at 2022 World Cup Betting facts, you will be able to see some trends, or glean information that can help you with betting later on. But until the Group Stage wraps up this Friday, we won’t know what the Round of 16 will be like.

Group F was a bit of a pickle for many who are into soccer betting. You have popular teams like Spain and Germany playing, with Japan and Costa Rica. At some point, fans were seeing the possibility of seeing Japan and Costa Rica reigning in their group. But after the Germany versus Costa Rica game, we have a few surprises. Even if Germany got it their way against Costa Rica, only Spain benefits from it. Germany and Costa Rica are both going home, with Japan and Spain moving on.


World Cup SurprisesWorld Cup Surprises: What to Watch Out For

For this round, soccer betting fans will only be looking at two groups for Friday. At 10:00 am, Uruguay will be facing Ghana. Sportsbooks are a bit torn here, with some putting Ghana as favorites, and some listing Urugay. Some sportsbooks are also offering Draw odds. Which, at this point in the tournament, would not be surprising, given the number of draws we have seen so far. So check your best bookie pay per head software for the latest odds.

Portugal will be playing against South Korea in a simultaneous match. Again, sportsbooks are looking at different favorites for this one. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, Brazil are the favorites to win against Cameroon at their match at 2:00 PM ET, while Switzerland and Serbia will be playing it out for the last match of the round. After this, the Round of 16 will follow, and if its as good as what we have seen so far, then you are in for a very lucrative World Cup.

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