Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 01:28 pm

If you look at your betting directory, you will not find a sportsbook that is runs in Mississippi- because even in 2024, there is still no legal basis to allow online sportsbooks to operate in the state. But H.B. 774 seeks to change this as a new online sports betting bill in Mississippi is introduced. There are two other bills filed in the legislature, but the latest one seems to have the most promise.

The adage the third time’s the charm might work for Mississippi since House Bill 774 has something the two other bills do not have- bipartisan support to pass the bill. This Monday, H.B. 774 was introduced and is now referred to the House of Representatives gaming committee. It was then passed by the said committee, and is now waiting to be placed in the calendar for debate and to move through the House.

New Online Sports Betting Bill in Mississippi

New Online Sports Betting Bill in Mississippi is IntroducedGiven the success of the pay per head bookie industry, the bill aims to cash in on that quite literally by aiming to allow for online sports betting in the state. The bill is aptly called the Mississippi Mobile Sports Wagering Act, and will legalize online race and sports betting sites. The bill is also clear in stating that it will not allow online casino gaming, which aims to appease brick-and-mortar gambling operators.

Currently, there are around 30 commercial and tribal casinos throughout the state that offer in-person sports betting. Online betting can be done as long as they are physically in the property itself. But the appeal of bookies using a Sportsbook PPH software is in bringing betting to players wherever they are, so offering mobile betting across the state is the more attractive and lucrative option.

The bill will allow these casinos to partner with an online sports betting operator. If the bill passes, it will take effect on July 1. Revenue will be at a graduating rate with a ceiling of 8% on all income that is over $134,000 each month. It has always been a challenge to pass a sports betting bill in the state. But with the support that the current bill has, many are hopeful that it would inspire other legislators to vote to pass the bill unto law.


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