Last updated on July 10th, 2021 at 03:07 pm

The Iowa sports betting market has been having a decreasing trend in total sports betting handle for the past 3 months. Iowa’s sports betting industry hit its industry-high record in March. Even bookie pay per head solutions providers have bookies who are doing well in the start of 2021. However, April brought about a decrease in betting handle for Iowa sportsbooks. However, this is reflective of market behavior and the available sports events in this month. Let’s take a look at the Iowa sports betting revenue and handle for June.

The total sports betting handle for Iowa for June is $111.2 million. This is 3.2% lower than May’s $114.9 million. The highest betting handle Iowa has is March’s $161.44 million. Out of the total handle, 85% of the wagers came from online sportsbooks. For those who are wanting to have their own online sportsbooks, you can read this guide to become a bookie in three easy steps.

Iowa Sports Betting Revenue

Iowa Sports Betting Revenue Increases in JuneHowever, the Iowa sports betting revenue for the state is a welcome number for the state’s sportsbooks. Net receipts for sports betting in Iowa for June is at $8.4 million. This is 37.4% higher than May’s $6.13 million. As what can be seen from Iowa’s data, a decrease in handle does not necessarily connote to something negative. So long as revenue is up, then this is good for the sportsbooks in the state.

Meanwhile, many sportsbooks are looking forward to upcoming events that may boost Iowa’s numbers for the months to come. The NBA will be wrapping up its season in July, and the Tokyo Olympics, as well as the Euro 2020 will also be during this month. Baseball, tennis, and other sports will also be available in the next few months. But September will be the month to watch out for, as it welcomes the latest NFL season. If you want to get yourself a sportsbook all set up, then this betting directory can help you find a good sports betting software for your needs.


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