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Rumor has it that The Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce told his teammates that he was retiring. Monday night was quite the night for Phillies fans, as they lost in the wild card playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 32-9. Jason Kelce was visibly emotional after the game ended, and fans and bettors quickly wondered if the tears were due to the fact that it is his last season, and that was, effectively, his last game in the NFL?

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Is Jason Kelce Retiring?

NFL Rumors: Is Jason Kelce Retiring?A while after the game, rumors started spreading that Kelce told his teams in the locker room after the game that he was retiring. Adding even more fuel to the rumor, he declined to speak with reporters in the locker room as well. Kelce is on a one-year contract and will be a free agent this March.

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And just like how you choose the best sports betting software company for your bookie business, teams are always looking for the best players. Kelce is loved by the Phillies, and he has played there for his entire 13-year career. He was a sixth-round draft back in 2011. He is one of the key players of the Eagles, helping the team make six postseason appearances, and two Super Bowl runs in the last seven seasons.

The star player has a lot of achievements under his belt- and if ever he does leave the team after this season, it will be hard to find one like him. As one of the cases where investing in player development pays off in the long run, the Eagles could only hope to find one who can help the team sustain their presence in the league- particularly getting into the postseason. In the meantime, Eagles fans and bettors are waiting for an official announcement from Jason Kelce.


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