If you look at your sportsbook pay per head software, you will see that there are data that you can generate to see the status of your sportsbook. You can generate the handle, revenue, hold, and more. These are important information to have, so make sure to keep track of it. For the New York sports betting revenue, for instance, the numbers at first glance can be confusing.

The month-on-month revenue for June are lower than the previous month. However, if you look at the year-on-year data, there is growth from the same month last year. Online sportsbooks in the Empire State brought in $103.8 million in total gaming revenue, a decrease of 31.7% from May. Profits, however, increased 42% year over year.


New York Sports Betting Revenue and Handle Remain Good

New York Sports Betting Revenue Shows TrendThe state reported a handle of $1.17 billion, according to the report from the New York Gaming Commission released on Friday. This makes it the 10th straight month in the billion-dollar club. Despite a 14% monthly decline, wagers increased 11.3% from last year. When you open a sportsbook, you will want to see a similar trend each year.

You can also see weekly data in your sportsbook, and you can find software for that in this pay per head and sportsbook directory. For New York, the week-on-week profits dropped below $20 million for just the fourth time in 2023, New York operators saw a 58% increase in revenue for the seven-day period ending July 2.

Online sportsbooks reported $218.3 million in handle, 18.4% less week-over-week, with a revenue of $25.9 million. The 11.9% hold, however, substantially increased from the 6.1% in the prior month. The handle is at its lowest level since August 28, 2022, while having the best win rate in almost a month. So despite seeing the numbers be disproportional, you actually still take in a good amount of revenue. And this is the most important aspect.


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