Month: January 2019

Casino Data Exposed in Casino Server Problem

When looking for places to gamble online, one of the primary concerns of operators is ensuring the security and privacy of their players and casino data. In fact, companies like 9dollarperhead bookie pay per head providers has invested a lot providing top-notch security measures that protects their players identities, financial information, and even their wagers. So when servers, or the programming in any of the sites are at risk, then the data could also be data leaks. This is exactly what happened to an online casino group that operates in Cyprus and Curaçao. A server they use was open...

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Orioles Named Worst Team of All Sports in 2018

Orioles named worst team of all sports in 2018 by the FiveThirtyEight. To compare teams, the site used a rating system. Their data showed the Baltimore Orioles was not just the worst in MLB, but in all of sports world. The Orioles finished the season with a 47-115 record that gave them the top spot in the MLB draft. Aside from the Orioles, three other MLB teams made up bottom four teams of 2018. They were the Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins, and the Chicago White Sox. According to pay per head reviews, the Tigers, Marlins, and White Sox were tanking...

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