Month: July 2019

Bookie Pay Per Head Basics: How to Start Your Sportsbook

When becoming a bookie online, you are opening yourself up to a larger betting market. You are also giving yourself the opportunity to make use of the latest bookie pay per head software to maximize your profit. Let’s talk about using a bookie pay per head service. The simplest explanation, is that you are outsourcing and automating your sportsbook business. Instead of manually encoding wagers and balancing your book in excel or even manually in a notebook, you will have a dedicated software that is specifically made for you to use. How to Start Your Sportsbook Using a pay...

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Indiana Sports Betting Options

A good bookie software will allow bookies to offer a lot of wagering options to their players. And by many, we mean thousands of possible wagers across the world. It spans different sports, multiple leagues, teams and games. This is why a good pay per head services site will help make a sportsbook run smoothly. Some operators though, will have a more limited selection of wagering options. In the case of Indiana sports betting options, Hoosiers will around 19 professional and collegiate sports to bet on. And since you are using a pay per head service, this basically means...

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How to Play Poker – Hand Rankings

Poker is one of the most popular game in a casino. It is a competitive card game played by different players. When you play poker, the dealer doesn’t go against any of the players. Instead, his responsibility is to just give out the hands and make sure the winner gets the pot. Retail and online casinos offer different types of poker. Some versions have the player play against the dealer, who represents the pay per head casino. No matter what the version might be, the concept remains the same. In fact, you need to beat the other hands to...

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