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Ace Per Head Pay Per Head Service

In the hunt for the best pay per head bookie provider, we come across a lot of pay per head providers, and it becomes easy to see who does well, and who you should avoid. It does take a bit of experience, but it is what helps us guide fellow gamblers into finding the best sportsbook pay per head website for them. We do this through our pph reviews.

Our review will be short. Well, not as comprehensive as other sites we review. Not because we want to get things done, but because there really is not much to say. First red flag, is them claiming to be in the business since 1998, but the site is actually only been active since 2012.



AcePerHead General Information

  • Inception: 1998
  • Software: RDG
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price Per Player: $10 and up
  • Location: Costa Rica

Available Products and Services

  • Telephone Wagering: Yes
  • Racebook: Yes
  • Online Casino: Yes
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Sports Betting: Yes
  • Live Casino: No
  • Private Website: yes
  • Poker: no

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Honest and Accurate Pay Per Head Reviews

The sign up page was very simple, with a nice layout. They do ask for more compared to other sportsbooks, though. After a while, we got an email from an agent asking us to get in touch with him. Why did he not call us since he has our number? Anyway, we did get in touch to finish signing up. We were not really happy with the agent, as he seemed new or not knowledgeable about the industry and their services. If we started asking serious and technical questions, we got a lot of hesitant answers there.

 The PPH Dashboard Review

Finally, we see something that looks better. The dashboard for both agents and players are clean, pleasing to the eye. The information is all there, so its quite easy. You will have to click a few more links to get to the player profiles, but you can manage their limits right there, which was good. They also have a chat with player option, which is handy. Of course, more experienced players will notice that the simplicity of the site also brings in the plainness of it, and they could do a lot better in this department.

The Player Website Interface Review

As we said earlier, the more experienced players will find this too plain. And not just looks-wise, but feature wise. Those who have been in the industry will know instantly that while they offer the basics, they dont really show more. You can check out a Pay Per Head Review to see what we mean.

Our Recommendation about

Their site works, but that is pretty much it. They are average, and there are a lot more companies who offer better services at the same price point. While the site works, you know you could do better, so do not settle for the basic type of service that is being offered here. 

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