Last updated on January 23rd, 2021 at 05:56 pm

Not all states are enjoying growth in sports betting handle and revenue. Some blame the pandemic, while some blame policy. After all, not all states allow sports betting- online sports betting specifically. And without access to sports betting software, many states are having a hard time generating enough revenue due to a weak betting market. Could this be the case in Mississippi sports betting?

The sports betting market in Mississippi leaves a lot to be desired, even before the pandemic hit. The numbers for 2020 have been a bit dismal, with a lot of ups and downs. Fortunately for the state, the market performed slightly better in December, somehow ending the year with better numbers, but not by much.

Mississippi Sports Betting

Mississippi Sports Betting Ends Dismal Year on a Good NoteThe sports betting handle for December is $55,298.807. This is only 1.6% higher than November’s $54,443,370. Meanwhile, its revenue was lower by 4.3% at $7,762,542. November 2019’s revenue is $8,108,102. As anyone here at My Betting Directory and everyone will tell you why Mississippi could do better. The answer is simple, really, Allow online sports betting. Funnily enough, it you take a closer look at their law, people can place their bets through their phones or laptops. The catch is, they have to be within the premises of one of the state’s casinos.

And with the advantage of a pay per head sportsbook, many bookies are enjoying high profits, especially now that the pandemic is keeping everyone home and online. But the state legislature may change things, if bills such as Senate Bill 2396 passes. This bill aims to legalize online sports betting in the state. While efforts to pursue this were mostly ignored before, perhaps it will be different now. Especially when neighboring states are cashing in on sound sports betting policy that allows for online wagering.


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