When looking at Global Gambling Statistics and Trends, it helps to track various markets that are similar to your operations. However, it is also important to look at the largest betting markets, because they are reliable indicators of growth, trends, and other important and relevant information for bookies to know. For instance, seeing continuous increases in handle tells you that your sportsbook will likely see similar trends- and you will be able to analyze it easily. New York sportsbooks make up the largest betting market in the country, and their latest numbers are telling us good news.

Football season is really doing wonders for sportsbook owners, and we see the effects even in the first month of the season. Pay per head service providers report that their bookies are getting a jump in betting activity over the past few weeks. And for most of them, football is what drives the increase.

New York Sportsbooks See Better Weekly Numbers

New York Sportsbooks See Better Weekly Betting Handle and RevenueAccording to the New York Gaming Commission, the handle for the week ending September 24 is at $428.3 million, this is 7% higher than the previous week. Even better, there is a 42% increase in activity from the same week last year. Revenue is also higher for sportsbooks in the state, as we see a 26.9% jump to $35.9 million. This is 100% higher than the revenue from the same period last year.

However, the hold is below double-digits, for the second straight week. The hold for the week is 8.4%, but it is still much better than the previous week of 7.1%. And despite the low hold percentage, revenue still grows weekly.

The handle also keeps the numbers steady, as this is the third week in a row that the handle is higher than $400 million. Revenue also seems to stay above $28 million a week. If you are interested in getting a share of what is a growing lucrative sports betting market, these gambling reviews can help you find the best software for your future gambling business.


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