Last updated on April 13th, 2024 at 12:32 pm

The Last Week of the NHL Regular Season will come upon us soon, with it ending on April 18. And making it very exciting for those who bet on hockey, there are still a lot of undecided results- and it looks like we won’t know the outcomes of most of them until the very end. And the end of the regular season is only the beginning of a very lucrative hockey betting season, even more reason for you to learn how to become a hockey bookie.

The scoring race is very close this season, and so is the race for the Hart Trophy MVP award. We are also seeing a lot of players getting close to setting career, team, and league history. Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid has 99 assists, and Tampa Bay Lightning forward Nikita Kucherov has 98- both can easily be the 4th and 5th player in NHL history to see 100 assists in a season.

What to Expect in the Last Week of the NHL Regular Season

What to Expect in the Last Week of the NHL Regular SeasonPlayer Records

Toronto’s Auston Matthews is on the spotlight as fans and bettors are looking to see if he will be scoring more than 70 goals in a regular season. This is a feat that has not been seen since the 1992-93 season. The league’s top scorer is still up in the air, but Kucherov leads at 141 points, with Colorado Avalanche player Nathan MacKinnon following close at 137 points. Both players have three games each left. Of course, the Hart Trophy is still up for grabs, and a popular wager in prop betting.

Division Awards

Division titles are also still up for grabs, as there is no clear-cut winner so far. The Dallas Stars are one win less of the Central Division title, while the Atlantic still has a few contenders with the Boston Bruins, such as the Panthers, who are down by just one point.

Eastern Conference Playoff Spots

The Easter Conference still has two spots left, and there are five teams left- with four points separating them from each other. Who among the New York Islanders, the Pittsburgh Penguins, The Washington Capitals, the Detroit Red Wings, and Philadelphia Flyers will get the two slots? If you want to earn from the action on these teams, this Bookie PPH service will give you a complete software solution to help you run a hockey sportsbook.


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