Last updated on October 19th, 2019 at 03:02 pm

A lot of price per head sportsbook companies offer basketball as one of the top international betting markets. After all, basketball is a game that is popular worldwide. While regional leagues and international competitions are profitable, none are as popular as the NBA. You can check some bookie pay per head reviews to see how you can use them to win money on basketball. But the basics on how to bet on basketball should be something you read first.

To learn about sports betting, there are countless entries in a betting directory to help you. But for betting on basketball, here is a great guide on the basics on how to bet on basketball.

How to Bet on Basketball: Wagers

bet on basketballBefore we begin, we have to emphasize that you should have a working knowledge of what basketball is about. You must know how its played, the structure, the scoring, and other details. You also have to know the tournament itself. So for the NBA, for instance, you need to know how many games will be played by each team, how teams move to the postseason, and other events like trading or drafts that you need to know.

First off, is knowing the types of wagers or bets you can make. There is the spread, where the favorite team (- odds) must win the game greater than the specified number on the odds for you to win. Next, is the moneyline, where you will bet on who will win the game. The totals are also based on the score much like the spread. But it uses a combined score of both teams, where you bet if the game will end over or under (O/U) the set odds.

There are a lot of other lines that are offered. Bets like halftime odds, quarter lines, parlays or teasers, and futures bets. Futures bets are long term wagers that look at the result of a whole season, or the result of the final championships of a league’s season.