Last updated on September 30th, 2019 at 03:43 pm

Sports betting in the US is blowing up- in a good way. With emerging and growing betting markets, states are starting to see the benefits of having sound sports betting policy. Like New Jersey. With the large market, a lot of per head sportsbook solution providers are available. There is a handy bookie pay per head comparison to help bookies find the best services available.

Bookie pay per head reviews are also a great way to find the best sportsbook software to launch your own business and enjoy a growing international market of bettors. In the US alone, states are starting to surpass the handle of Nevada, which is the most established state for gambling.

New Jersey Handle

According to the numbers in August, Nevada has $287.8 million in total handle. New Jersey’s total handle is at $293.6 million. This is the third time in the last 4 months that New Jersey bookies has seen more action than bookies in Nevada. While Nevada has been operating for years, New Jersey has only been offering sports betting for a little over a year.

The last 4 months’ data still shows a lead for New Jersey, with a total for Nevada of $1.136 billion, while New Jersey leads at $1.1163 billion. Of course, population plays a big factor, as there are more people who live in New Jersey. But in addition, New Jersey’s proximity to states like New York is an advantage. Some states do not have sports betting yet. This means people are traveling to neighboring states like New Jersey to place bets, which expands the local bookies’ betting markets.

We are still barely getting enough action of course, especially with football season starting. You also have the MLB, plus the NBA. The numbers will continue to rise, and the rivalry for these two states for the top spot is only just beginning.