The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive shift from retail to online methods of conducting business. From grocery shopping to paying bills, everyone is adjusting to doing everything remotely from home. And sports betting is not exempted from this. It has, in fact, allowed for software sportsbook companies to gain more players signing up online. But surprisingly, Indiana sports betting revenue drops this June, despite the reopening of casinos and sports events resuming.

A lot of sportsbook pay per head operators are slowly adding in various professional sports leagues in sportsbooks. As early as mid-May, sports leagues, such as football leagues in Europe are already back in season. This means, finally, people have something to bet on.

Indiana Sports Betting Revenue

Indiana Sports Betting RevenueSo why the drop in revenue for Indiana? The sports betting handle in Indiana shows a 20% decrease in June. Which is odd, since the states casinos are already reopening. The total handle in the state was $29.78 million, which is lower than May’s $37.33 million. Online betting is around 50% less at some casinos, which amounts to around an $8 million decrease in online betting for the month. May’s handle was $37,33, while June has $29.15 million.

Indiana casinos reopened their doors last June 15. However, the retail sports betting total for the month was only $634, 486. Looking at the total sports betting revenue for June, the state only has $2.9, which is 8% lower than May’s $3.1 million.

Going Back to Normal

Businesses are trying to get back a sense of normalcy, but a lot of people prefer to stay home, and now prefer online sports betting. A quick peek at a bookie pay per head directory can show anyone various options for those who are also looking to earn extra money by putting up their own sportsbooks. And with a growing market of people who are learning how to do a lot of things online, running an online sportsbook can give you a good and steady income for the years to come.


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