When you look at the March Madness Sweet 16 teams, you will find no surprises except for on Cinderella story. Oregon amazed everyone by beating No.5 seed Wisconsin in the first round. Then, Oregon won the battle of the underdogs with its win over UC Irvine. Oregon is the No. 12 seed and the only one higher than No. 5 in the March Madness Sweet 16.

If you support the Cinderella team, their line is +11000 for the Ducks. However, Duke remains the favorite to win the title this year. Bookie software experts see them as the top team despite barely winning over UCF. In fact, it is at +240 to win the tournament.

According to gambling news, North Carolina had totals of 161 and 140 in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. On the other hand, Auburn had 155 and 164. As a result, sportsbook PPH providers have a total line for their game between 160.5 and 163. The smart bet is to bet under as the two teams intensify their defense in the next round of competition. However, there’s a chance that their offense continues to be hot, which makes over a tempting wager.

Who is Hot in March Madness Sweet 16?

March Madness Sweet 16 Best BetsMomentum is key when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. Seeds mean nothing in the Sweet 16. Often, the higher seed doesn’t win. It is teams playing their best that end up winning. They usually have momentum on their side.

Oregon is one of the teams with a winning momentum, making them a favorite of software sportsbook providers. In fact, the team won eight games in a row before the start of the tournament. Also, the Ducks won four games in the same amount of days to win the PAC-12 Tournament.

Oregon’s next game is against top seed Virginia. Keep in mind that Virginia became the first No. 1 seed to lose to a 16th seed in the first round last year. Also, Virginia lost to No. 13 Florida State in this year’s ACC Tournament semifinals.

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