The best pay per head sportsbook has the whole NBA schedules plotted out, especially the playoffs. And as the postseason progresses, pph sportsbooks will only get busier. There are a lot of gambling reviews you can read to find the best pay per head service.

And for the NBA, this is the best time to place wagers on. The playoffs are full of options for both the Eastern and Western Conference titles. Let’s take a quick look at the playoffs, and what is in store for those into sports betting.

Pay Per Head Predictions

Things are heating up in the playoffs. This season is exceptionally exciting, as things are not turning out as expected. Aside from the obvious absence of the Lakers, you have little surprises, like the LA Clippers getting in the playoffs, and even managing to beat the Golden State Warriors in a game.

Of course, the Golden State Warriors are at the top of the list of teams who are favorites to win with -200. Next up are the Milwaukee Bucks at +1000, followed by the Toronto Raptors at +1200. Fourth in line are the Boston Celtics at +1400, then the Houston Rockets at +1400. The Sixers are in at +1400 as well. The odds jump a bit with Oklahoma at +2500, and the Denver Nuggets at +3300.

Of course, the odds could change as the postseason progresses. And with all of these developments, like teams making or failing, players getting injured, anything can happen. Of course, there are a lot of wagers saying the Warriors will grab another Championship title. But up until the end, there will be a lot of chances for people to wager for other options. And since the Warriors are a popular team, you will be seeing a lot of recreational bettors, and this can change the odds. This can be an opportunity for bettors to be smart about their wagers, and for bookies to be sharp-eyed against, well, sharps.