Last updated on January 20th, 2023 at 03:16 pm

In the latest gambling news, we are taking a closer look at the numbers of Pennsylvania sportsbooks for the month of December. The data is quite intriguing, especially for those who are still reading bookie pay per head reviews to learn about being a bookie. Because despite having better month-on-month revenue, the betting handle is actually lower than the previous month.

If you manage a sportsbook through bookie software, you can easily compile and access your sportsbook’s activity to generate a report like this. Analyzing the information helps you improve your sportsbook operation, as well as predict betting trends. You can check this bookie pay per head directory as a reference.


Pennsylvania Sportsbooks See Increase in Revenue, But Less Handle

Pennsylvania Sportsbooks See Increase in Revenue in DecemberAccording to the latest sports betting report for the Keystone State, sports betting revenue is at $71.2 million for December. This is $1.2 million higher than November’s $70 million. This is a great way to end the year, as even the state was able to collect a record $19.6 million in taxes from sports betting.

The net taxable revenue is at $54.6 million, and the highest that the state has recorded for the year. To compare, December 2021’s revenue was $18.8 million, thus giving us a 190% increase in year-on-year revenue.

Meanwhile, the total monthly betting handle for December is at $754.8 million. The handle is the monetary value of wagers that your per head sportsbook takes given a certain time period. For Pennsylvania sportsbooks, the handle is lower than November’s $789.2 million, and even lower than October’s $797.1 million. Will sportsbooks in Pennsylvania be able to break the downward trend in betting this year? Many are optimistic, since the sports calendar will be busier in January.


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