Last updated on January 16th, 2021 at 01:38 pm

New Legislation for Sports Betting in Oregon is a Game-ChangerThe new legislation for sports betting in Oregon, if it passes, can completely overhaul the betting market in the state. In our latest sportsbook pay per head news, we’ll take a look at Oregon and its sports betting industry. This week, House Bill 2127 was filed. Under this bill are three big changes. First, is to make the Oregon Racing Commission (ORC) the regulator of sports betting. Currently, the only way to bet in the state is through the state lottery’s ScoreBoard app, plus retail gambling in tribal casinos.

The second part of the bill talks about increasing the number of operators. Since there are basically just 3 operators in the state, Oregon will eventually expand to allow more bookie software for sportsbooks. Which brings us to the third part of the bill, which will allow for both retail and online/mobile sports betting.

Sports Betting in Oregon

Normally, states that have lottery-run sportsbooks, as well as just a sole sportsbook tend to have poor results in terms of betting handle. The lack of betting options also makes it hard for bettors to find good odds. For instance, in Oregon, their first fiscal year shows a $5 million net loss in sports betting. It is the first state in the country to have a loss in its first year of operations. The betting handle is improving, but its still not enough, especially if you would compare it with neighboring states.

Having more options, such as what you would find in, for instance, will give you better odds, and a lot of features and gambling options to choose from. If Oregon would have multiple sports betting options that are available in easy to access platforms, then they would definitely be getting more than their December handle of $26.99 million.


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