With football being one of the most popular sports people bet on, the NFL gets a lot of attention not just from bettors, but by those who are interested in becoming a bookie. The NFL season provides people with a lot of opportunity to earn money through NFL betting. With around 17 weeks of playing, you will hit the playoffs.  Next up will be the most popular game of the year, the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl alone can keep a bookie business running even months before the game. With the different wagers one can place, learning how to bet on the NFL will definitely help you win big. Let’s take a look at the basics on the wagers you can place in an NFL game.

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NFL Betting

NFL Betting TutorialOf course, spread betting is the most basic of wagers in football. The spread will give you numbers with a – or +, which denotes the favorite and the underdog, respectively. So if you see a wager that is -110, that means that is for a favorite. As for payouts, a $110 bet will give you a $100 profit. The wager being made is if a team will win by a certain number of points. For example, the Saints could have won the game. But since the odds were at 4 points, and they won by 8, then technically lost the wager.

A more direct wager is, of course, the moneyline bet. Its as easy as betting on which team will win, regardless of the spread. A lot of people, like Raymond Cruz Carara Costa Rica, will know this type of wager as this is the most common wager made by the betting public. Of course, in order to win these bets, you need to understand the history of each team. A popular option is to see the win rate of a team when playing home or on the road. The home field advantage is a big factor in helping you figure out which side of the bet you will be putting your money on.

Other Bets

Most wagers will depend on the final outcome of the game. But there are some wagers you can make that will only apply for a ertain quarter, or even a specific half of the game. These are in-game bets that can win you a lot of money. Not all sportsbooks offer this, so check a betting directory to find a sportsbook that can give you more betting options.

Of course, the Total, or the Over/Under is also a popular wager that is very simple. Bookies will set the lines based on a score, lets say 44.5, and people will bet if the combined score of both teams will be over that number, or under. Lastly, you can also place teasers or parlays, which are bets that are a bit more complex. They usually have higher risk, but offer a better payout. And for a parlay, you need to win every part of the wager (which is a series of wagers), to win the bet. If you want less risk, you can go for a parlay, but will have less of a payout.

There are more bets you can make, such as futures bets and prop bets. We’ll get to those in another post. These wagers are usually popular in the postseason. Mostly since the wagers are for events that will happen, in the NFL’s case, during the Super Bowl. For now, focus on learning how you can bet on the NFL playoffs, so you will be ready for the Bowl.