Last updated on March 4th, 2022 at 02:53 pm

The Colorado bookie market hits the half a billion mark in one month alone, according to the latest sports betting report for the state. Even the state’s online bookie software market was doing well, with a new record set for mobile sports betting as well. The total sports betting handle for Colorado for January sits at $573.7 million.

The current handle is 24.3% higher than that of December’s $461.4 million. And if we look at the year-on-year data, we also have a higher increase, with 75.5% more wagers than January 2021’s $326.9 million. The previous record that the state of Colorado held in terms of handle was back in October 2021, when the state’s sportsbooks recorded a $291.5 million in wagers.

Colorado Bookie Market in January

Colorado Bookie Market Hits Half a Billion in JanuaryIn addition, the state is also recording a new record in mobile sports betting. Those who are in the process of being a bookie know the advantages of offering online sports betting to their players. The new monthly handle is $567.1 million. Passing the half billion mark as well, this is 24.7% higher than December’s 4454.9 million mobile handle. Similarly, its year-on-year number grew as well, up 77.6% from January 2021’s $319.4 million.

Looking at the numbers, 98.8% of all the bets in Colorado come from online sportsbooks. So if you are looking at joining the industry, there is no better time to do so now. Study and learn what you need to be a bookie, and read up on bookie pay per head reviews. Given the rate of growth of sports betting activity in Colorado, and across the country, it would be safe to assume that you can also grow a very successful bookie operation.

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