Last updated on August 4th, 2023 at 02:43 pm

If you look at Inter Miami, the performance is very different from the team that started out in the Leagues Cup. Getting Lionel Messi, and a slew of other established international players has lit up a fire that is causing them to run hot on the field, and winning enough to make it to the last 16 of the Leagues Cup.

Wednesday night, Miami beat Orlando City SC 3-1. The next match for the team will see Messi play his first away match this coming Sunday, August 6, at FC Dallas. This will be the top match for US Soccer in your popular betting product, as Messi is attracting a lot of attention to the league.

Aside from Messi, fans will be able to see Diego Gomez and Jordi Alba, who made their debut last Wednesday. And if Wednesday’s match is a preview of what’s to come, then go check your source of betting picks and start betting.


Inter Miami and The League Cup

Inter Miami is On its Way to Leagues Cup Round of 16Wednesday’s match had us watching Messi turn in the first goal within the first 10 minutes od the match. Cesar Araujo made it a bit more exciting, scoring for Orlando to tie the match. But that would end up being the last point the team will score. Josef Martinez scored his penalty shot at 51 minutes, while Messi scored the third goal in the 72nd minute.

Messi now has 5 goals and one assist over three matches. The third match was also his first full 90 in the league. The revamp of the team, with Messi, Alba, Gomez, Sergio Busquets, and a newly motivated club has made them the top contender to win the League Cup. Tata Martino is still not done fixing the roster, but there is a lot of promise with their rotation.

For players in the club, they will need to perform as best as they can, or Martino can take them off the lineup. And with all the amazing performance we are seeing, this is something Martino can use to win the tournament. Check the lines in your bookie pay per head software as each of their matches are sure to get a lot of action.


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