Last updated on March 17th, 2023 at 11:24 am

In the latest gambling and sports betting news here at MyBettingDirectory, your best source for a comprehensive Betting Directory, we are taking a look at New York’s sports betting market for February. Normally, New York releases their numbers on a weekly basis. But when it comes to managing your bookie business, monthly data is also handy to have. It gives you a perspective covering a larger time period, and you can easily compare it to previous months to see a wider trend in betting. For New York, the numbers are always high. And the New York betting revenue is at $108.2 million for February.

This is the sixth straight month that the state has seen nine figures in terms of revenue. However, this is the lowest amount since August, which was $99.2 million. While the handle continues to be great, this just means that the betting public did better, and won more.

In fact, for Super Bowl betting, New Yorkers placed $100.5 million in wagers, and took home everything but $1.4 million. Knowing which sports are popular with Sports Interaction will be helpful in telling you about the sports calendar parallel with betting trends.


New York Betting Revenue and Handle

In the previous five months, sportsbooks across the state collected at least $140 million in revenue, so February’s revenue is around 27.6% lower than the previous month. But, there is still significant growth in revenue, as they kept 32% better than February 2022, when they logged $82.4 million in revenue.

And when keeping track of your sportsbook pay per head numbers, handle is also important to know. For New York, January’s handle was a record $1.8 billion, which slides down by 18.1% to $1.47 billion. The hold is at 7.4%. But despite its decline, it is still the 8th highest betting handle recorded in the whole country.


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