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The Miami Head Faces Atlanta Hawks in game 5 of their series in the NBA postseason. The Heat are currently 3-1 in the series. This will be a surely exciting game for those who will be betting at their favorite pay per head bookie sportsbook. And quite nerve-wracking, too. Coach Eric Spoelstra and his team should not be taking this game lightly, even if they are leading the series.

It probably will not be too hard, as the Heat have been winning their games this series in double-digit leads. This is something that those learning how to be a bookie should note. However, given that this game could decide the end for the Hawks this season, we should not expect such a wide gap in scoring for the upcoming game.

Miami Heat Faces Atlanta Hawks

Miami Heat Faces Atlanta Hawks in Game 5The Heat has not been playing with Kyle Lowry, but they have a pretty solid roster, and fill-ins are able to step up well. And Spoelstra, who has been the coach for the Heat for 14 years, has been going great in steering the team to the right direction. If you look at sportsbooks in this betting directory, you will see how many in the industry are expecting the Heat to pull through and win the upcoming game.

Again, while the Heat has won over the Hawks by around 18.3 points per game, this will be a very crucial game for the Hawks. If they want a shot at the championship, they need to win each game of the remainder of the series. So if you will be betting on this game, expect the Hawks to push more with their offense and scoring, and the score may have a closer gap than the previous games. But many bookies have the Heat as favorites, and with good reason.


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